Long presentation

Hi everybody,

I’m Frederic Salvy, from south of France, Rodez city (2h from Toulouse, 2h30 from Clermont-Ferrand). I’ve made my youth with my family & school/city friends (Mainly with Jean, Samuel, Elisabeth, Mathieu, Julie, Clément & Christophe) in Rodez, growth close to nature, farm environment.

After finishing school in Rodez, I’ve been to university in Toulouse with my close friend Jean, Samuel & Christophe. Toulouse is a lively place, permit me to learn IT, design, web, mecanic, how to manage myself, discover lots of music festival, theater, dance, sports, association, and create some new relations. My L3 IT Project website : http://projetl3laplace.free.fr/index.html

Following an opportunity, with my close friend Chistophe, I have continue Master at Besançon University (1h from Dijon & 1h30 from Neuchatel CH). Besançon is a lively city with lots of erasmus europe & eramus mundos (because of the Practice Language Center). The university has 3 main objective : Give you some training for sure, create new relations (Mainly Teddy, Kévin, Aresky, Olivier, Cedric, Nandish, Danièle, Anas, Sylvain, Claude, Tanya, Xia, Eyyub, Bassem, Chen, Quian, Thibault) & create projects (Environment, music event…). By this way, I’ve started to learn english & discovered some people/country with their story from China, Mexico, Mauritius, Japan, Nigeria, Cameroun, Rwanda, Senegal, Central africa, Russia, Azerbaidjan, Guinée, Djibouti….

Finish my study by an intership at Peugeot Citroen Sochaux manufacture (2h from Berne CH & 2h from Nancy). It’s one of the biggest manufacture in europe with around 15 000 employees. I’ve discovered, by my well recognized tutor Didier, the industrial work, from the supplier to the customer.

Getting my certificate, start to work with a full-time contract! I’ve found a job in automobil company, north France, close to the north sea in Etaples village (1h from Calais & 1h from Amiens). Objectives : Get some experience in a well know company in order to open me some doors easily after, earn some cash to manage some personal project & growth personally. I’ve made some action to improve my english, be first aid & civil protector on some rural event, do sports, be children animator, be animator for disabled adult, discover nature around, create new relations ( Mainly : Pierre Emmanuel, Samuel C, Muriel, Jean Gabriel, Seckin, Andrzej, Yann, Christopher, René).

With around 2 years experience, I’ve take the opportunity to join AGCO (Massey Fergusson tractors manufacture) in Beauvais (large outskirt of Paris, 1h from Paris center & 1h from Amiens). Because I’ve growth in Farm environment, having interest, it was quite nice for me. The work was to manage the quality on some parts produced by supplier around the world (mainly europe). Beauvais is a small city in France. I’ve made again some action to continue discover myself by travelling around the world (Beauvais has the 3rd Paris Airport), to explore, meet foreign people, create travel relations (Nguyen, Vietnam ; Lata, India ; Thatho, Lesotho ; Kiribel, Ethiopia ; Karina, Chile ; Sonam, Nepal ; Daniela, Chile…), be scout chief, create local relations (Soufiane, Mason, Anais,  Marie, the  AGCO SQA team…), get my real self knowledge : mountain lover, humanity actor, fix problem leader, project leader !

Today I have a complete trust on my capacity, after discovering myself with my real knowledge/interest (Technology solutions, Mountain adventurer, Tour Guide Manager, farming, popular education, sports leisure, art, life in melting pot community, inner peace, economy system & well being, United Nations program for development). By this way, before my thirty, I’ve decided to move to Grenoble (the Alp Capital) to sedentary there, continue working in industry, lead my project Horizon180, join back Tanya, Chen, Yann, Julien…

My Mountain World Tour :


This FB page, the website : https://horizon180.com/, the youtube channel will have for first objective to share with you some life experience/story of travel around the world! Adventure will make you happy!
Giving you some advice for backpacking to discovering you & the others. Follow my crazy story! support my business idea to develop this kind of tourism! You will find all you need to know there!

The mindset is to have the smile, being link to nature and people!

Frederic Salvy.

——–Page & website creation date : October, 2018———