Rando Spi ISAB Grenoble

After arriving in Grenoble, I became a volunteer for ISAB, sharing my mountain experience by joining a team to lead spi trek once a month. (2019/2020)

ISAB Trek presentation movie by : Maxime.L : 


ISAB Website link :

http://isereanybody.fr/groupes/page/randos (Site mis à jour sans sauvegarde par l’admin, donc ensemble des données avant septembre 2020 perdues)

The 1st Trek (21/09/2019) :  » Rando spi Grenoble « 


Certificate : I have PSC1, PSE1, PSE2 & BAFA Appro Montagne, I am volunteer to lead Group « by ISAB Grenoble organization ». All Trek are free.

PSE2 : https://www.protection-civile.org/pse2/

BAFA : https://bafa.ufcv.fr/Le-BAFA/Approfondissement-et-qualification

**All is done to do the trek on maximal security (rules, inscription with details on line, free, maps, first-aid kit, GPS, information to the PGHM Grenoble, equipment, safe trek with markup, phone number list, only adult, meteo check, life blanket, phone, boussole)

PGHM Isere : http://www.aerodromeleversoud.fr/page/pghm-de-lisere

Project to do AMM Training on a long term time  with CNSNMM School in Prémanon

-http://www.ensa.sports.gouv.fr/  (ECOLE NATIONALE DE SKI ET D’ALPINISME DE CHAMONIX)

-http://cnsnmm.sports.gouv.fr  –> Centre National de Ski Nordique et de Moyenne Montagne de PREMANON (CNSNMM)

-http://cnsnmm.sports.gouv.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=154&Itemid=100  (AMM Accompagnateur de Moyenne montagne)


**Security FIRST :

The objective is to avoid accident. If there is accident despite all the prevention, the objective is to avoid penal conflict, the responsability will be on the own of the person having the accident.


Source : https://www.ffrandonnee.fr/  & http://cnsnmm.sports.gouv.fr/